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Why My Parents Are Different

My parents went to Woodstock…

That says a lot.

They’re black old school, retired hippies who think your choice in good beer is a reflection of character. Haha

My dad’s old enough to be your granddad. My mom still fixes my dad’s plate before anyone else’s. My parents aren’t cool… They’re consistent.

Every time I’m home with friends the barrier of awesomeness is meshed with the relaxed atmosphere that’s already there.

So when my dad asks you if you want to smoke it’s not a cigarette. And when they ask you on Christmas and holidays if you want a Singapore Sling or a Rusty Nail… Just chill.

They just like to travel and kick it. You can say no. They don’t care as long as you’re not driving.

My parents like you if they ask you to do something with them… Ask my best friend, Vivian.

I figured out my parents weren’t normal when I heard my dad ‘flirting’ with my mom saying, “BJ, I’d kiss all over you if you rolled in Famous Amos crumbles…”

Yea— it gets real in your 60’s.

Aside from them having their crazy phases… They’re still my parents and I wouldn’t trade them… Unless James Earl Jones and Eartha Kitt were to get together. :)

To quote my dad’s famous words of wisdom on life in your 20’s… “If life gets you down, find the weed and pass it round.”

July 25, 2012
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